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AAG 2014: presenting trans geographies

A few weeks ago, I presented my paper at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (which is a misnomer as all geographers are British… and they work in Canada… so it seems.) My paper was titled Becoming … Continue reading

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this is why Happy Hour is of paramount importance

[Image: Close up of famous Internet cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, from YouTube video still. Subtitle reads: “The life of a philosopher cat amounts to nothing, without friends.”] Full video “The Worst Noël” on YouTube.

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presenting and outing myself in academia

At this year’s AAG annual meeting, I finally decided that my both my general exam and my dissertation will be oriented in a trans direction. For a while, I was perhaps worried that I was embarking down the road to … Continue reading

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the unbearable whiteness of theory

Thanks to Colleague Cheryl’s gentle and supportive urging, I dropped my Sunday afternoon plans and started assembling my exam bibliography. As I looked over the emerging list, I was immediately shocked by how white it was. I realized that it … Continue reading

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on digital discursive promiscuity

Plate 76. A well-crafted blog post. Note lines of flight into and out of the vaguely-circumscribed post. I was having some “meta” thoughts about writing this evening. Specifically, I was thinking why academics need to blog (or otherwise publicly write) … Continue reading

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