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Ann Coulter is not a man. But you may be a transmisogynist.

Attention liberals and/or progressives. We gotta talk. We gotta talk about Ann Coulter. If you know and/or love trans women, first read this very carefully but then actively fight this in your social circles when it happens. Whenever Ann Coulter … Continue reading

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It’s “”funny””,…

It’s “”funny””, by which I mean totally shitty, how people will presumptuously point to some sort of universalized “male socialization” and “lack of shared girlhood” based on their own baseless conjecture of trans women’s early lives in order to put … Continue reading

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“Trans rights: Poland’s last iron curtain”; Wiktor Dynarski

Wiktor Dynarski writes, as part of a series about Poland’s Left, on the context of trans rights in Poland. This is a timely piece, considering Poland has an out and public trans woman, Anna Grodzka, seated in its parliament. Even … Continue reading

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Empathy’s linguistic problem?

Etymology is always fun. I’m reading John Protevi’s Political Affect for reading group. In the second part of the book, Protevi traces and expounds on some Artistotelian and Kantian thought. For both of these philosophers, of course, Reason was paramount. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Deadnaming Violence

For a while now, I’ve been thinking that I would never want a Wikipedia page because it would insist on posting my birth name. Now that I’ve seen the online encyclopedia’s treatment of Chelsea Manning by reverting her page to … Continue reading

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You say you support trans folk but it really doesn’t sound like it.

[Content warning: I use the tr**** slur in the last paragraph] Despite my best efforts, I’ve read a lot of shit in the last week. I’ve heard a lot shit. Shit just wafts in over my transom most days. Against … Continue reading

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Journalistic Violence

I do agree with the very first sentence of this Guardian piece. After that, it snowballs down a hill of cis privileged dismissal and nonsense. Using Lucy Meadows’ former name, incorrect pronouns, and calling her “selfish” (if I had a … Continue reading

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Ethics: 3 Demandments & 1 Corollary

Given my post on bibliographic violence and to set up for a forthcoming post responding to a colleague’s response to it, I’m moving this from my personal blog so that it is on record here since I’ll probably reference it … Continue reading

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Bibliographic Violence

Not knowing their preference, I’ll refer to the person about whom I write with the neutral-singular they/them/their. In constructing a bibliography, I went to my university library to get a citation for a source that I was reading. Naturally, the … Continue reading

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on digital discursive promiscuity

Plate 76. A well-crafted blog post. Note lines of flight into and out of the vaguely-circumscribed post. I was having some “meta” thoughts about writing this evening. Specifically, I was thinking why academics need to blog (or otherwise publicly write) … Continue reading

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