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Cultural Fascism and Google Street View; BE Colloquium, 2014.02.20

Questions: 1. How can a company develop so much resources to develop this free tool? “How is it.” 2. Why do so many people use it for so many different purposes? “Why is it?” Some things Cheryl looked at: A) … Continue reading

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Transcending disciplinary power; BE Colloquium, 2014.02.13

2014.02.13 — Transcending disciplinary power: seeking cross-cutting terms of agreement on Duwamish Valley wellbeing Jonathan Childers MURP Bill Daniels MD, MPH Health Impact Assessment RAO – Remedial Action Objectives Cancer risks for Duwamish fish consumers, esp Tribal, still reaches … Continue reading

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“Trans rights: Poland’s last iron curtain”; Wiktor Dynarski

Wiktor Dynarski writes, as part of a series about Poland’s Left, on the context of trans rights in Poland. This is a timely piece, considering Poland has an out and public trans woman, Anna Grodzka, seated in its parliament. Even … Continue reading

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Book cart:: Gramsci: Space, Nature, Politics; Ekers, Hart et al.

I’m interested in Gramsci, certainly with respect to cultural hegemony. But this sounds promising as it applies Gramsi to space. But, really, what I need to do is read Gramsci himself before delving into these secondary sources, which is always … Continue reading

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