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this is what male feminist transmisogyny looks like

Transmisogyny is the subset of transphobia that marginalizes, debases, and invalidates trans women. Transmisogyny is the most common, most caustic, and disproportionally largest form of transphobia. Transmisogyny specifically focuses transphobia against trans women with deadly accuracy. This is deadly serious: … Continue reading

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Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project; BE Colloquium, 2014.01.16

Valerie Segrest Nutritionist for mickle shoot tribe Getting ppl out connected to land environment and each other Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project 12 week class on iding and harvesting foods Community food assessment, i.e. food maps from community members Class for … Continue reading

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Google suggestions: “transgender self” 2014.01.13

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this is why Happy Hour is of paramount importance

[Image: Close up of famous Internet cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, from YouTube video still. Subtitle reads: “The life of a philosopher cat amounts to nothing, without friends.”] Full video “The Worst Noël” on YouTube.

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Paper presentation at AAG Annual Meeting; April 2014

I’m happy to say that I’ll be presenting my paper, Becoming transgressive: Transgender autonomy and action at and beyond the margins, at this year’s AAG (Association of American Geographers) conference. I will be part of a panel session discussing Assembling … Continue reading

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put this way, it almost sounds sexy

[image: Twitter screenshot of me (@AmyBoldItalic) tweeting: “Diss is gonna be transtranstranstrans + spatial politics + narrative building/archiving/preservation. I think.”] The only thing to add to that would be Information Seeking Behaviour, seeing as the need for information on everything … Continue reading

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Book cart: Publics and Counterpublics; Michael Warner

Despite the dreaded Habermasian overtones of public sphere theory, this book sounds possibly interesting enough to warrant looking into, especially as it is published roughly 10 years after Nancy Frasier’s deft takedown of Habermas in her Social Text article wherein … Continue reading

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No cisrespect, but…: NPR

I was a bit jolted when I clicked on a Facebook link entitled “Transgender Issues Gain Prominence for 2014”. Seems like a reasonable title. Yet when I clicked, this title comes up: I was blindsided by the historical whitewashing and … Continue reading

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