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Link: Art Deco gas station in Bedford, Penna

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Link: Meet the ‘graffiti grannies’ of Lisbon

This is a great story. And I adore this image. “The more I paint, the more I want to paint,” she says. “I didn’t really like street art that much before this; I always thought it was just kids making … Continue reading

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Words to Deadname: naming those who disrespect

It is never acceptable to disclose a transgender person’s birth name–also known as a deadname— when that detail has absolutely no bearing on what you are talking about. Period. Full stop. Often when seen in print in news articles or … Continue reading

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The Ferguson Masterpost: How To Argue Eloquently & Back Yourself Up With Facts

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archival links post: Trans at Women’s Colleges

Archiving the latest volley of stories about transgender folk at women’s colleges, specifically paying attention to the welcoming of transmasculine students in light of continued exclusion of transfeminine students. “When Women Become Men at Wellesley” By Ruth Padawer October 15, … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter is not a man. But you may be a transmisogynist.

Attention liberals and/or progressives. We gotta talk. We gotta talk about Ann Coulter. If you know and/or love trans women, first read this very carefully but then actively fight this in your social circles when it happens. Whenever Ann Coulter … Continue reading

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It’s “”funny””,…

It’s “”funny””, by which I mean totally shitty, how people will presumptuously point to some sort of universalized “male socialization” and “lack of shared girlhood” based on their own baseless conjecture of trans women’s early lives in order to put … Continue reading

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AAG 2014: presenting trans geographies

A few weeks ago, I presented my paper at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (which is a misnomer as all geographers are British… and they work in Canada… so it seems.) My paper was titled Becoming … Continue reading

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Cultural Fascism and Google Street View; BE Colloquium, 2014.02.20

Questions: 1. How can a company develop so much resources to develop this free tool? “How is it.” 2. Why do so many people use it for so many different purposes? “Why is it?” Some things Cheryl looked at: A) … Continue reading

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Transcending disciplinary power; BE Colloquium, 2014.02.13

2014.02.13 — Transcending disciplinary power: seeking cross-cutting terms of agreement on Duwamish Valley wellbeing Jonathan Childers MURP Bill Daniels MD, MPH Health Impact Assessment RAO – Remedial Action Objectives Cancer risks for Duwamish fish consumers, esp Tribal, still reaches … Continue reading

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