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Bernadette Blanchon-Caillot; BE Colloquium, 2012.02.21

Prof. Blanchon-Caillot presented at our department colloquium. As a landscape architect speaking to PhD students, she tailored her presentation to speak about theoretical and methodological approaches to landscape criticism. The presentation was illuminating in several ways. First, we Urban Archivists … Continue reading

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Reflections in Transit. Projections in Public.

2013 February 9 I rode light rail into downtown to catch a bus to roller derby. As we pulled into Westlake, I stood at the doors and caught a reflection of myself. I was dressed pretty casually: a zipped top … Continue reading

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Where do we go? Where do we go now, sweet blog o’ mine? Part 2 of 2

I took a stab at graphically representing some of my research interests and possible directions. I originally though of creating a neat, crisp Venn diagram. However, I quickly realized that all my concepts had fuzzy, squishy boundaries. I’m OK with … Continue reading

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Where do we go? Where do we go now, sweet blog o’ mine? Part 1 of 2

The Urban Archivist blog has been dormant for some time now. It has never been my desire to abandon the Urban Archives, the academic project that I started with two colleagues when we were graduate students in the mid-Aughts. However, … Continue reading

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De-gendering & Reconceptualizing my Well-known Former Name… now with LC Authority!

[I have moved this post over from its original posting location into its more permanent home here. First, I hope to restart/kickstart this blog again with more academic content. Secondly, as the subject of this post deals with changing my … Continue reading

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