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Journalistic Violence

I do agree with the very first sentence of this Guardian piece. After that, it snowballs down a hill of cis privileged dismissal and nonsense. Using Lucy Meadows’ former name, incorrect pronouns, and calling her “selfish” (if I had a … Continue reading

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Ethics: 3 Demandments & 1 Corollary

Given my post on bibliographic violence and to set up for a forthcoming post responding to a colleague’s response to it, I’m moving this from my personal blog so that it is on record here since I’ll probably reference it … Continue reading

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Bibliographic Violence

Not knowing their preference, I’ll refer to the person about whom I write with the neutral-singular they/them/their. In constructing a bibliography, I went to my university library to get a citation for a source that I was reading. Naturally, the … Continue reading

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the unbearable whiteness of theory

Thanks to Colleague Cheryl’s gentle and supportive urging, I dropped my Sunday afternoon plans and started assembling my exam bibliography. As I looked over the emerging list, I was immediately shocked by how white it was. I realized that it … Continue reading

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on digital discursive promiscuity

Plate 76. A well-crafted blog post. Note lines of flight into and out of the vaguely-circumscribed post. I was having some “meta” thoughts about writing this evening. Specifically, I was thinking why academics need to blog (or otherwise publicly write) … Continue reading

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Cisgender Hegemony and the Transgender War Machine

This started as a reading response for Becoming Poor, a theory reading group at the UW that I’m part of, but it sort of ran away and became bigger and perhaps of interest to a larger group. If that’s true, … Continue reading

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