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on digital discursive promiscuity

Plate 76. A well-crafted blog post. Note lines of flight into and out of the vaguely-circumscribed post. I was having some “meta” thoughts about writing this evening. Specifically, I was thinking why academics need to blog (or otherwise publicly write) … Continue reading

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Bernadette Blanchon-Caillot; BE Colloquium, 2012.02.21

Prof. Blanchon-Caillot presented at our department colloquium. As a landscape architect speaking to PhD students, she tailored her presentation to speak about theoretical and methodological approaches to landscape criticism. The presentation was illuminating in several ways. First, we Urban Archivists … Continue reading

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Where do we go? Where do we go now, sweet blog o’ mine? Part 1 of 2

The Urban Archivist blog has been dormant for some time now. It has never been my desire to abandon the Urban Archives, the academic project that I started with two colleagues when we were graduate students in the mid-Aughts. However, … Continue reading

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