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The birth of the (gay) clinic; BE Colloquium, 2013.10.24

The birth of the (gay) clinic Michael Brown, UW Geog Larry Knopp, IAS, UW Tacoma Looking at (post-War) 60s and 70s health and government alizarin of gay male health, which mostly focused in ‘venereal diseases’. (until 1983 until when AIDS … Continue reading

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Seattle Trans* Pride

Seattle Trans* Pride was full on righteous. We took over public space, we marched in the streets through the heart of Capitol Hill, and we declared bathrooms open regardless of gender. Most importantly, we celebrated and expressed ourselves truly and … Continue reading

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tears, dust, rubble, and the future in georgetown

The following was originally published on January 23rd, 2008 at Seattlest.com. We hope this isn’t a growing trend. From the Croc to the Sunset Bowl to all of Seattle’s bars, it seems as though any place of which beer is … Continue reading

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from blue haus to pink haus

So after nearly 5 years at the Blauhaus (above), I have moved out of the University District. I’ll miss walking by Scarecrow and Fire Station 17, for certain, but what with Tubs having gone under, is it worth it anymore? … Continue reading

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boots and badgers and commercial archaeology

During one of my very first photographic outings to Pioneer Square, I shot the following ghost sign. Notice the sign underneath the brown Duncan & Sons sign. Duncan & Sons is apparently still in business though they have moved further … Continue reading

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butting in…

After nearly 13 months of Washington’s smoking ban, this week’s birdcage liner has written a front page expose on the proliferation of butts littering our public spaces. The feature article is worth perusing although it is somewhat light fare for … Continue reading

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good morning, ice world

Originally posted to Seattlest.com on November 29, 2006. [ link ] NE 52nd Street, University District, Seattle Back when we lived in the periodically-frozen tundra, we dutifully shoveled our sidewalks because, personally, we hated walking across others’ snowy sidewalks which … Continue reading

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