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Taking Over Space

In the spirit of Space Insurgency, our summer Digital Ethnography class took over a public space. The assignment was to: a creative and generous situation in a public space in downtown Olympia, WA observe the human interactions during … Continue reading

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The San Antonio Decorated Shack

a shorter version of this is posted on my blog Only the tourists walk in San Antonio, Texas. After a couple of days at the National Communication Conference we decided to get out of the tourist themed commercial zone of … Continue reading

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Russian art

This summer, a trip to the homeland left me wanting more. After only ten days, my head was swimming with thoughts about all of the paradoxes that are now post communist Russia. Statues of Lenin smeared with pigeon shit next … Continue reading

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more on LaRouchies

Funny, just this weekend I took this picture on Broadway in Cap. Hill LaRouchies, were singing and holding this mysterious map on the street corner. A few blocks down, a girl handed me a small bill that had a message … Continue reading

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