Transcending disciplinary power; BE Colloquium, 2014.02.13

2014.02.13 — Transcending disciplinary power: seeking cross-cutting terms of agreement on Duwamish Valley wellbeing

Jonathan Childers MURP
Bill Daniels MD, MPH

Health Impact Assessment

RAO – Remedial Action Objectives

Cancer risks for Duwamish fish consumers, esp Tribal, still reaches 1/10000
Tribal children have 8 times non-cancer risk from fish consumption. (“Hazard Quotient”)

4 main groups identified:
Tribes (3 tribes have historic claims to river)
Subsistence fishers
Local resident (Gtown, South Park)
Workers in local industry

Local residents concerned that improvements could accelerate gentrification, despite revitalizing communities.

Workers generally uninformed about hazards, but industry has concerns.

Subst fishers and Tribal groups face disproportionally largest potential harms.

“When I look at this report, I feel like we’re on this rational path to failing these communities.” 
–City Councilmember O’Brien

“Green-Blue” connections. Green industry as well as concerns toward improving workers conditions.


Mental health impact? If not, are there any avenues for such studies? Or is there desire to do so?

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