Place Capital; BE Colloquium, 2013.11.14

2013.11.14 Place Capital

Urban planning type of research study and documentary film.

Three cities studied:

Berlin emergence
Krakow world renowned market square where humans and commerce have existed for centuries
Detroit emergence

Detroit, what is the place for white/privileged researchers? Do not take the center stage. Rather act as a facilitator and enabler of the marginalized populations that inhabit the space.

Graffiti used extensively as establishing shots for docs and work that attempts to be edgy and relevant and current. But not much is discussed about street art and the issues brought up by street level art and graf. It is always a prop, never a focus.

“Place Capital”: Framework for determining shared value of the public realm.
leads people to Co-create Spaces.

“Starting from a place of human connection and commerce.” These were the places examined:
Airbnb, coworking spaces, 
Creative economy… Ugh
Betahaus Berlin coworking space

Kinda limited and very privileged spaces.

My thoughts and questions:

The presentation left me feeling ornery and a little bit dirty… seemed like just a cooler, hipper form of appropriation. Not as privilege-clueless and ham-fisted as Project for Public Space, at least. About on par with Richard Florida.

Place capital still has a connotation of having to meet some minimal threshold of solidly middle class wealth in order to participate.
What about the mutual aid and resistance structures present in marginalized communities?

Reminds me of article: “Hipsters will not save Detroit”
Urban planners will probably not save Detroit, either.

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