Book cart: Politics as Radical Creation

I have a strong suspicion that Hannah Arendt will figure, probably quite influentially, in my work. Most of what I will need at the moment is probably suitably covered in The Human Condition. But it might be good to check out some secondary sources and critiques. Based solely on the description, this one looks possibly worthwhile.

Politics as Radical Creation book cover

From the link:

“As a consequence of Arendt’s misreading of the work of the Frankfurt School, and indeed of a certain tradition of critical Marxism more generally, two of the most important theoretical tendencies of the twentieth century have not made the effort to seriously engage with one another. This book thus aims at something of a rapprochement between these two traditions, demonstrating the degree to which not only Critical Theorists and Arendtians might find a common ground, but perhaps even more importantly, the degree to which this juxtaposition might allow for the emergence of not only a unique understanding of the meaning of democracy or acting politically, but indeed of being human.”

–From the book’s introduction

At the same time, I’m reminded that promising-sounding titles can be misleading, though. I’m looking at you, Rebel Cities by David Harvey.

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