Turkey updates

2013 Jun 06 — My friend, Ozge, shared the following:


”Dear friends, currently the mainstream global media is keeping an eye on Taksim, Istanbul. Thus, the police forces have backed off and they have remarkably scaled down the number of attacks against the protesters. However, in the meantime the police terror in Ankara as it is now is on a much larger scale compared to the very beginning of Istanbul attacks. Tear gas is relentlessly being thrown inside apartments, people are suppressed by plastic bullets, illegal custody and physical assault. Things have escalated quickly and the scale of these attacks are rapidly increasing. We need to make benefit of social media once again to show the world what’s going on in Ankara right now. Here is a message from the people of Ankara: ”We have supported the protesters of Istanbul from the beginning, and now it is your turn to support us and the rest of Turkey. This resistance is clearly not limited to Istanbul, it has taken over all of the country. The festive atmosphere in Istanbul is just a trick to fool global media and soothe off the masses, yet nothing has been accomplished yet and things have just started actually.”

2013 June 03 — My friend, Heather, checked in with some of her former students in Turkey:

I have checked in w/some of my former Turkish Ss to see how they are…and here are some quotes I feel are important to share:

From Ankara–“We were protesting near our neighbourhood but as it got crowded, they even used pepper gas in our neighbourhood, then we went back home” “I mean we are safe in Cankaya but I’m not sure for people who live near Tunali or Kizlay”;

Another from Ankara–“my friends have gotten beaten today” the police went through the places where people were hiding–cafes, bars, everywhere. They tear gassed houses where they knew a lot of people were hiding…from their balconies” “every single day we carry health supplies to try to help people” “the horrible part is the provocateurs, the people who set things on fire and they create a bad image for the protestors, but they are not the majority.”

Another–“kızılay ankara is the worst.” “The policemen are out of their minds, they arrested too many people, and injured–even more killed. The policemen are not police anymore, they are murderers, they kill or torture, or arrest without any reason.” “We just can’t let them kill us, we need a strategy, but I guess this situation will continue and we can’t go back, we need to keep our numbers, we need to stay strong.” to all my students. To my Turkish Ss-Please be careful! To the rest of my friends, please hear my Ss’ voices.

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