Territorial Latrinalia

Gendered, single-occupancy restrooms are pants. The restrooms at Bauhaus have never really been policed as such and Bauhaus does appear at Safe2Pee. Yet they do remain signed as gender segregated, unlike, say, the single-occupant restrooms at Trabant in the U-District. The staff and most patrons never seemed to care about or be put off by any of this, however.

So it was with some amusement that I watched the following conversation unfold in the women’s room at Bauhaus. It intrigued me not only for the gender issue, of course, but also for the fact that the photos represent a conversation through graffiti.

This showed up around Feb. 19th:


It was augmented by Feb. 24th, apparently by a more gender-exclusionary customer:


Don’t pee on the seat is a generally good idea. But it happens. In which case, I don’t get what aversion people have to take a second to wipe the seat.

Finally, someone with good sense responded:


Which… fuck yeah. As much as I detest a wet seat, or a wet front rim on an open-rim seat, a wet floor in front of a toilet is equally annoying. Sometimes you have clothing that touches the floor when you use the toilet.

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