good morning, ice world

Originally posted to on November 29, 2006. [ link ]


NE 52nd Street, University District, Seattle

Back when we lived in the periodically-frozen tundra, we dutifully shoveled our sidewalks because, personally, we hated walking across others’ snowy sidewalks which subsequently froze over to resemble the desert of Arizona a jagged lunar surface. And after shoveling, the procedure called for sprinkling one’s walk with automotive-floorboard-eating, soil-poisoning rock salt to melt any ice. Thankfully, these days there are some less harmful alternatives that will not harm our verdant metronaturality Emerald City.

We utterly failed in our civic duty the other day. Good Pedestrians and Perambulators, we do apologize! On the other hand, aren’t leaves frozen in ice kinda pretty?

Well, it seems that the folks over at Getty Images would have none of this prettiness –what do they know about pretty imagery anyway?– and duly de-iced their sidewalks. Getty is located in a two block stretch known as the Fremont Tech Ghetto; this district includes other luminaries such as Adobe, Google, and, most importantly, a small company what empowers librarians.

Needless to say, a lotta highly important shit goes down in this area, day in and day out. There can be no tolerance for people succumbing to the whims of weather and the compromised physics of reduced traction. But being the visual connoisseurs that they are, the building stewards at Getty threw out a colorful twist on the old, boring, white pellet de-icer…


600 block, N 34th Street, Fremont, Seattle

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