“We Can BJ”

This is a guest post from SJ Alexander

My boyfriend and I were tootling around Greater Wallingford on May seventh when I noticed a landscaping flyer on the ground with writing on it in pen. The only thing I can’t figure out is why they were communicating in writing. Maybe they were afraid their negotiations would be overheard? I think I’ve got it in about the right order, although there were probably hand gestures and non-verbal communication to fill in the gaps. It should be noted that I found this a stone’s throw from Blue Video.


Male: Im Marco.
Female: I’m Jennifer.
Male: Cops. I remember you. I’m single.
Female: I’m too.
Male: Where you live?
Female: Capitol Hill
Male: I don’t have no home I got kick out 3 day ago. How much?
Female: I can front of stuff and we can BJ.
Male: I don’t like weed, only rock.
Female: How much
Male: Can u get $20 stuff and we would enjoy BJ or sex go to your place fun or what?
Female: Be patient.
Male: Where go
Female: Be patient
Male: I miss u
Female: I’ll get $20.00 at 5pm 45th/16th I’ll give you a call. 5pm

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