more on LaRouchies

Funny, just this weekend I took this picture on Broadway in Cap. Hill LaRouchies preaching

LaRouchies, were singing and holding this mysterious map on the street corner. A few blocks down, a girl handed me a small bill that had a message about the Seattle City Council trying to “suppress the right of ordinary people to address the public – free speech..” by making political tabling on planting strips more prohibitive through fees (proposed permit fee would be $315 per year) and fines ($250-$500).

There was a major case in 1940s(Marsh v. Alabama) of free speech in public/private places that involved Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was a case where a town was owned by a corporation that tried to prevent Jehovah’s Witnesses from bothering people, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of speech…we must protect our right to be annoying in public.

The flyer that the girl handed to me argues that the proposed ordinance makes prohibitive rules, like fees and fines, to actually get around the whole legal issue of free speech in public places. Through a brief online search, I haven’t found any more info. on the the ordinance. LaRouchies…as odd as they are…there is something comforting about seeing freaks populate my world.

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  1. tom says:

    Just the other day, I saw the middle guy walking, by himself, down the east alley behind the Ave, toward 43rd. I wonder if he was, perhaps coming from the Allegro. Perhaps not; I don’t believe they serve the LaRouche-Ade there. He had the very same scowl of disdain that you’ve captured in the photograph above. Come to think of it, I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen any of the LaRouchies smile or laugh.

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