From Rainy Pioneer Square

Again, I find myself sitting at Zeitgeist, positioned at a window table such I can occasionally look up and out at the intersection of Jackson and 2nd. It has been pouring rain all day; luckily, I dressed appropriately warmly for the weather. My good friend, Lon Jarson, made a comment yesterday about how much more he liked the cooler weather when he dressed properly for it. Sitting in the relative warmth of the bus today on my way down to the Square, I felt all happy and fuzzy on the inside, for it was such a wonderfully overcast Sunday. It would have been lovely to be out on the Peninsula this wet day, getting all muddy, but the city has its own charms. As I stepped off the 71, I saw people lending a multitude of colors to the stadium’s normally uniform blue bleachers. This, too, made me happy.

For the past few hours, I have been sitting and writing My Little Paper. I very pleased with how well my Discussion section is coming together. All of it, the information grounds talk, the place stuff, the cultural stuff… I even got to work in discussion of the Project for Public Spaces. Thanks to the preparations for my 12 minutes of fame at ASIST, I now have a handy framework and outline for a good portion of my discussion section. It is a lot of fun to tie in my findings to reviewed theory and literature and, most importantly, to inject my own thoughts, assertions, and propositions. I feel so… academic.

The rain has a wonderful effect on the buildings down here. Kitty corner from Zeitgeist, gravity has created in irregular sine wave pattern on the concrete wall like some sort of architectural oscilloscope. Across the street, the all-brick Cadillac Hotel shows the mortar on its upper floors with a different shade of grey than the dryer mortar below. The droplets of water dripping off the cafe’s awning remind me a little of the cascading vertical semitoics of The Matrix. Not a half a mile away in the International District, just down Jackson, I’m certain that some storefront exhibits the vertically arranged letters of an asian language.

People seem to be spilling out of the stadium now. An SPD officer has blocked the left-turn lane on 2nd and is directing pedestrians across Jackson. Most people, of course, are dressed for the wet weather. Some of them, perhaps out-of-town fans of the visiting team, are not as well prepared. Earlier, I was thinking how much I appreciate Qwest Field being an open-air stadium. It seems only proper for a venue in which both kinds of football are played; these are the sorts of games in which weather ought to be a factor – I was at Chicago’s “Fog Bowl”. I’ve never been to a Seahawks game; however, I have seen some Sounders matches. And to have seen “the beautiful game” played in a closed arena, shielded from the good Lord’s skies, would have been barbaric.

Business has picked up with people stopping in to get a post-game latte and… chai, if my ears do not betray me. These people are most-assuredly Seahawks fans. We in Seattle may not have the Lake Michigan winds that blow beautiful shards of dry, bitter cold into Soldier Field but, at the very least, the weather cooperated today and sent down significant rain.

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